Vaser Lipo Pros and Cons

Vaser Liposuction is one of the most popular fat-removing and body-shaping techniques today. A lot of people have been considering this procedure because of the many known advantages that it offers. This innovative treatment uses ultrasonic technology which removes fat for body shaping or contouring allowing the patient to achieve their desired body shape.

It is minimally-invasive, removing fat deposits in specified areas, leaving the other tissues unharmed. The procedure utilizes ultrasonic waves that break up deposits of fats.

The decision to have Vaser Lipo should be taken seriously because of the cost and possible risks that it comes with. It is important that you take a look at the pros and cons of this procedure before taking the leap. You should consider critical factors such as the cost, safety and results.

The Advantages of Vaser Lipo

There are various reasons a patient may go for this kind of fat-removal treatment compared to the traditional methods of liposuction.

● It is rather a safe and a minimally invasive treatment. The recovery time is relatively shorter than the traditional lipo. Patients may recover from swelling or pain in just three to four weeks and the results are visible in as little as twelve weeks.

● It uses the ultrasonic technology which enables doctors to target specific areas where fat will be removed. Rather than removing fat on a general area, it aims to break up fats only in problem areas.

● The ultrasonic technology facilities small incisions that the surgeon can make to inject fluid into the body which aids in the suction. Because of how small the incision is, the Vaser won’t be affecting the skin during the procedure, therefore, reducing instances of bleeding, swelling, and pain.

● The procedure itself and the recovery from the surgery are faster than other liposuction techniques.

● Because the procedure is targeted sculpting, patients who go through it can achieve a more contoured look after the procedure. It does not just remove fats, it also smoothens problem areas.

The Possible Disadvantages and Risks of Vaser Lipo

Although our Vaser Lipo London comes with tremendous benefits, like most surgeries, it also comes with some drawbacks that must be taken into account before deciding to have the treatment.

● Scars may be visible due to the extensive nature of the treatment. If you are considering this treatment, make sure to look for a skilled cosmetic surgeon in reducing the appearance of surgery scars.

● Patients may experience numbness and pain that can last for weeks after the procedure. But following the advice of your surgeon during the recovery process may significantly help in reducing the level and duration of numbness and pain.

● Final results are not immediately visible. Patients may have to wait for up to six months to see the final results. It can be hard to determine the success of the procedure when it takes a considerable amount of time for the results to be realized.

● There may be chances of inflammation which is a common side effect of the treatment. It is however mild, though some people experience severe cases which may require medication during the entire recovery process.

All in all, Vaser Lipo is a minimally-invasive and safe cosmetic treatment which utilizes ultrasonic technology that offers targeted results without causing any harm to the surrounding tissues. The recovery time may vary but in most cases, it tends to be shorter. It depends on the surgeon doing the procedure but overall, patients who went through it were reportedly satisfied with the amount of time to recover and the longer-lasting results.

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