Vaser Lipo Cost

Today, there are countless medical procedures which can help eliminate and reduce fat in our body fast and easy. One of the most popular methods known is the Vaser Lipo which is a fat removal procedure that uses the energy of ultrasound waves.

It has now been widely known to be one of the most effective ways of fat removal due to its immediate result. It is also pain-free due to being less invasive and has a fast healing period wherein individuals can go back to their daily routine just days after the procedure. It also leaves the skin smooth and helps make the muscle more refined. That is why many people wonder how much does a Vaser Lipo procedure cost?

The Prices of Vaser for each Area

A Vaser Lipo’s procedure cost depends on the fat that would be removed in the area. The cost also for the procedure depends on the physician and clinic where it would be done. Here are some of the most common areas in which it is frequently done and its estimated price or cost.

  • Abdomen

The abdomen is the area where most people want the procedure done. It is the area in which stubborn or hard to remove fats are found. The procedure often targets pot bellies and muffins tops and thus helps in achieving the desired shape the individual wants. The procedure in the abdomen often cost around £4000 in most clinics.

  • Arms

The arms are also one of the areas that are commonly requested to be done by patients who undergo the procedure. Most patients want to remove the saggy parts or also known as the Bingo Wings. These are the loose or saggy bits under the arms which is very hard to remove even with exercise. The procedure cost roughly around £2000-£3000

  • Flanks

Flanks also known as Love handles are seen around the waist. These areas are often targeted by this procedure as it one the fats that stubborn to get rid of. Individuals often undergo this procedure often to feel confident and have that ideal waist shape they want. The procedure often cost around £3000-£3500.

  • Thighs

The thighs (Inner and Outer) are the areas that are also a popular part that individuals want to target when doing the Vaser Lipo procedure. Most clients want to have that sexy and firm thigh they dream about and this procedure is among one of the perfect ways to achieve that.  The cost of the procedure is around £3000.

  • Back

The fats in the back can also be removed by this procedure. An individual can gain excess fats around their back e.g. back rolls, bra strap fat when they gain weight. These are also very hard to remove and thus why they often opt to have it done clinically. Back Vaso Lipo procedure cost can be around £4000-£5000.

  • Chin and Jowls

The chin and jowls area can also have excess fats some have double chins while others have loose or saggy ones that they want to remove. By doing the procedure, the skin in the area would be firmer and jawlines would also be more defined. The cost of the procedure in this area is around £2000.

  • Buttocks

The buttocks are one of the most popular areas that the procedure is often done to remove excess and unwanted fat. Fats in these areas make the butt saggy and have a misshaped look thus why most people (especially women) want to target this area to have more firm and round behind. It makes them feel more confident and sexy especially when partnered with their favorite jeans. The cost of the procedure in this area is around £2000.