Vaser Lipo: 5 common questions answered

Vaser Liposuction has proven itself as one of the most advanced approaches to fat removal and body shaping available today. It is a minimally invasive and delivers smooth and consistent results, with almost no downtime.

If you are considering vaser lipo, you may already know that it works by delivers ultrasonic vibrations to the treatment area which works to gently emulsify the fatty tissue. Fat is then removed by a small cannula, leaving minimal to no scarring. By removing only the fat, while leaving the other tissues intact, your skin retracts smoothly and evenly.

The great thing about this method is that you can return to your daily routine within a week, whilst your body keeps losing fat, by naturally excreting it over time.

Despite all the benefits of this procedure over traditional liposuction, there are still things you need to consider.

We have summarised the top five questions that patients ask us before undergoing vaser and their answers.

1. Are there any risks associated with Vaser Liposuction?

Generally, Vaser Lipo is considered safer than traditional or other kinds of body sculpting procedures. It is often performed under local anaesthetic and the associated risks with sedation are minimal. Initial numbness, minor bruising and general tenderness may occur, but these side effects should disappear within the first few weeks.

2. What areas can be treated with this procedure?

Vaser Lipo is suitable for both men and women and can treat nearly all areas of the body including Abdomen, Waist, Back, Thighs, Arms, Buttocks, Chest, Neck, Chin, Knees, Ankles and Breasts.

3. How much fat can be removed?

This will differ from one patient to another. Generally, a single procedure should not exceed 4 litres of fat.

4. How long will the recovery take? How many days off work should I take?

Depending on the area treated, the procedure can take anywhere between 1 and 4 hours and you can walk out the same day. We recommend, however taking 3 – 4 days off work to allow your body to heal and recover. To help speed-up the process, it is recommended that you do a course of five to ten MLD Massage therapy.

5. Are there any pre-op tips that I should follow?

Think au-natural when it comes to your procedure day. No make-up, deodorant, body lotion and jewellery. The week before the procedure, we recommend you keep to a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and taking supplements such as Vitamin A, C and Zink. This will help speed up your recovery by boosting your immune system. Try to avoid fish oil, garlic, ginger, ginseng and ginko biloba. Make sure your doctor is aware of any conditions that could complicate the procedure.