Recovery After Vaser Lipo

Vaser liposuction has become a much more popular option for those looking to tone problem areas over the last few years. This is partially because it is less invasive and has a dramatically shorter recovery time. But it is important to remember, even though this a minimally invasive procedure, it is still surgery and proper aftercare is key to seeing the best results! Below are some tips for a safe and speedy recovery after your procedure.

Doctor’s Orders

The most important thing after any surgery is to follow your doctor’s instructions. Recovery time will vary from person to person and can differ based on what the type of procedure you underwent. The doctor will give you aftercare instructions tailored to give you the best recovery possible. Take notes or have a loved one tag along to help you remember all of the instructions and tips given.


Rest is another thing that is extremely important following any surgical procedure. And though you should be able to return to normal activities much sooner with Vaser than traditional liposuction, it is vital that you get enough rest to allow your body to heal. It is generally recommended that you take 2-3 days off work, again, depending on your specific needs. For the first day or two after your surgery you should rest but once you feel up to it, moving around a bit is fine. Often, patients can resume normal exercise routines in as few as 3 weeks. In all of this, however, it is important not to push yourself. Listen to your body!


Staying hydrated after your procedure is very important to a healthy recovery. Your body will need the fluids to heal itself. Just like when you are ill and are advised to drink plenty of water, so too should you after surgery. Avoiding high sodium foods and sugary drinks for the first few days at least is also recommended.

Compression Garments

A very important element of your aftercare routine will be your compression garment. Like most things, the amount of time you will need to wear this will vary from case to case. Your doctor will give you instructions on when and how long to wear your garment. It is very important to follow these. The garment is usually worn for several weeks post-surgery to ensure the best results. You can take the garment off to shower and keep it clean but wearing it for the time given by your doctor will give you the best results.


Before you are sent home from the clinic, your doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics to reduce the chance of infection as well as painkillers for the first few days. The antibiotics, along with keeping yourself clean will lessen the chance of infection. The painkillers will help you to rest comfortably as you recover.

Swelling and Leakage

As your body slowly heals itself following your Vaser liposuction procedure, you will most likely experience some swelling and leakage. The swelling will slowly subside, but it is not uncommon to have swelling for several months. Not overextending yourself and following your doctor’s instructions will ensure that your swelling goes down as quickly as possible.

Along with your compression garment, padding should be worn post-surgery to soak up the leakage that normally occurs for about 48-76 hours after surgery. You may also want to invest in mattress covers or use old sheets to avoid stains. The leakage should be orange/pink in color and is nothing to worry about.

Follow Up Appointments

Seeing your doctor for all follow-up appointments is key to a safe recovery. If your doctor is not aware of how you are progressing they cannot help you to continue your recovery. Any problems can be addressed swiftly and dealt with to move your healing process along. And if you are healing quicker than expected, these visits can bring news of changes to your aftercare routine!

Many doctors will also schedule you for manual lymphatic drainage massage sessions during your recovery period. These sessions help drain the excess fluid from your body, as well as helping to prevent fibrosis and seroma. The number of sessions you need will vary and your doctor will help you to decide when you should discontinue them. Most patients will need 4-6, seeing best results after the 6th massage.

Be Patient

The last piece of advice for your recovery is to be patient. Though you will have a much shorter recovery time than traditional liposuction, it is important to remember that your body will still need time to heal. Don’t become frustrated if you do not see results right away. Follow your doctor’s instructions and in time you will see the transformation you have been waiting for!