Patient Stories

Undergoing a cosmetic procedure is an important decision. Choosing the right practitioner is a critical step in your journey. Read some of my patients sharing their experience and advice.


I wouldn’t have words to write here my happiness about my surgery with Dr Joffily. I am really happy with my breast augmentation results. Best surgeon I could have found. He helped me every step of the way, always making me feel relaxed and comfortable about it.

A very welcoming and professional team. Recovery has been smooth and easy so far with perfect size implant to give harmony to my body.

I am extremely happy. Thank you very much Dr Joffily!

“Não teria aqui palavras pra descrever minha alegria e satisfação com seu trabalho Dr Joffily, muito feliz com meu resultado e não poderia encontrar Cirurgiao melhor. Obrigada por ter me ajudado a cada passo desse processo, sempre me fazendo sentir segura em confiante a este novo passo.

Obrigada a toda sua equipe de profissionais que sempre nos receberam muito bem. A recuperação tem sido tranqüila, e confortável, nada de dores, ou hematomas, tamanho perfeito para dar harmonia ao meu corpo, muito obrigada por tudo.”


From my very first visit I felt confident that my surgeon, Mr Joffily, understood exactly the look I wanted and took the time to listen to me and advise me on what would work best for my body. I’m so pleased with the final result and fully recommend him to anyone interested in a Breast Enlargement.

I’ve always thought of doing breast enlargement but I wanted to be with a Brazilian surgeon. I’ve always read articles and documentaries on how Brazilian techniques are advanced and successful. One day I heard about Dr Joffily working in London, through a TV programme and straight away started to research the Internet for testimonials/reviews.

I’m more than happy with the results, I love the shape of my breasts, and how natural they look.


Since my first contact with Dr Joffily, I was delighted with his affection and his technical knowledge, giving me self-assurance to proceed with a surgery I had never undergone before. Since the first consultation all my doubts vanished, reducing my anxiety and leaving me more confident about the surgery.

I am thankful to Dr Joffily for all his professionalism and I recommend him to the people who want to get incredible results in a safe way. I am really very happy with the eyelid surgery I undertook with him.


I do not believe in coincidence and meeting Dr Joffily was certainly meant to happen for me.

I first went to him for a little Anti Wrinkles Treatment and ended up having a wonderful face lift and a visit to his home town in Brazil. Dr Joffily is a truly talented surgeon who has none of the pushiness often associated with the industry, and I know he would never do anything he thought was not right for you. I knew at once that I could trust him and it was at his suggestion that I went for the surgery.

My experience in Brazil was wonderful, the clinic there could not have been better, with lovely staff and pristine bright rooms. The people of Brazil are warm and welcoming and the result more than compensated for the journey to get there. I could not recommend Dr Joffily more. You have the choice to have surgery with him in England or Brazil, but there is such a financial saving when you go out there that for me there was no hesitation.Please ask for my telephone number if you would like to talk with me about the experience. Whatever surgery you need, I urge you to give Dr Joffily a call you will not regret it.


I work in the fashion and beauty industry, so I’m critical about treatments. I have travelled all over the world and had treatments done all over the world, and I know the best people in every city.
I was introduced to Dr. Joffily by Dr. Joshi in London and I had laserlipo. Something I have been thinking about for a long time now. I told him I didn’t want anyone to know I had this done. I just wanted to look really good, still womanly and in proportion.

I workout a lot, but some areas I just couldn’t seem to shift since I was a teenager. Dr. Joffily was very good, as he was honest about what he could do and how it would look. I had 5 areas treated. My chin, which I was very worried about doing, looks great!, and I wish I had done it years ago.

The recovery was quick, I had no bruising and the mark where they enter the skin has nearly gone completely. I’m really thrilled with what Dr Joffily has done for me, and lots of people have commented on how great I look, how I look like I’ve lost weight, and how good my bum looks! When I had my lymphatic drainage treatment with a therapist in a different city who works closely with a surgery in NYC, she said he had done an amazing job and was really impressed. Dr. Joffily knows what to do to you to achieve the look you want