Bum Implants Procedure

Based on the need to show off a sensational body, a lot of women, and even some men choose to try different techniques or methods in order to obtain a bum capable of attracting all eyes as they walk down the street. One of those procedures to increase the buttocks is an operation called Gluteoplasty. What is it about? Let’s investigate a little bit more about it.

Gluteoplasty Surgery with Buttock Implants

Unlike a Brazilian Butt Lift where the size increase is done with fat transfer to buttocks, it is basically an aesthetic procedure by which an implant made of silicone is used. These are filled with silicone in liquid or gelatinous form, which is responsible for giving volume and shape to the gluteus. The material for this has to be more resistant than that used in breast’s prosthesis, because this area is necessary for a lot of movement and basic activities such as walking or running, in addition to resisting the weight of the person when sitting.

The techniques used can vary depending on the practicing surgeon, as well as the needs of the patient. However, this practice is usually done through a 5 cm incision in the intergluteal area of each buttock. The implant placement can be submuscular, intramuscular or subfascial, each of which offers different types of increase.

If the person wants more volume in the upper part of the buttock, he or she can choose an implant of intramuscular or submuscular type. In general, the size of the implants for this area should be smaller due to the limited space, although they have a more natural appearance. On the other hand, if what you want is a greater volume in the lower area you can choose a subfascial placement, which also allows the use of larger implants, however, this can have an artificial and over the top appearance.

What are the risks of Butt Implants?

Now. There are several questions about the danger of this procedures: the fact is that this procedure requires great commitment on the part of the patient for postoperative care since it is an area prone to present various infections due to the number of bacteria that circulate there. That is why it is necessary to maintain strict hygiene measures, especially the first weeks in which the wound is open.

It is important to avoid sitting and lying on the buttocks, because of this the position to be adopted when sleeping and resting is always on the stomach. In addition, you should also remain at rest for at least 2 weeks, using during this time compression bandages in the area.

After this, you can return to normal activities, except for those that involve a lot of physical activity. You should wait at least 6 weeks to do any of exercise, depending on the speed of recovery you have. It is necessary to know that you will never be able to use any kind of injection in that area.

Another detail to mention is that during the first month it is possible that an asymmetrical aspect of the buttocks appears, the reason is due to the inflammation of the area after surgery, so it is normal for one buttock to look more swollen than another. When this inflammation is reduced, the actual results of the procedure can be better appreciated.

The general risks of the Gluteoplasty consist of a possible infection, rejection of the implants or the possibility that they might burst, which are reduced if the care described above is followed and if it’s carried out with true professionals in the field. In case of any complication, it is probable that other surgical interventions are required to solve the problem.

Implants are a much safer method to try than injections of biopolymers, but it needs more care and it can have more complications compared to the Brazilian Surgery. That is why It’s preferred by many women when it comes to buttock surgery.

Now, in case you want to know more about Biopolymers. They are basically any substance, whether liquid silicone or gel, that is injected directly into the buttocks to increase its volume. It is called that way because, according to those who perform this procedure, these substances have the main characteristic of being biocompatible with the body, which means, it assimilates it and remains in place for a long time.

And what about risks? The main danger of using biopolymers buttocks are based on two basic factors: Lack of ethical responsibility of the surgeon and the little knowledge of the patient. The possible consequences of using biopolymers go from an excessive inflammatory reaction in the body to a severe infection. The safest thing to do when thinking about using any of these methods to enhance your beauty is research and possibly opting for another form of butt shaping method.