Brazilian Buttock Lift Surgery

Brazilian bum lift otherwise known as buttock augmentation or BBL surgery is a cosmetic surgery fast raising in popularity in the UK thanks to some very famous celebrities undergoing the procedure.

It enhances the volume of the bum and allows the crafting of the desirable shape of the buttocks via a method called liposculpture.

If you feel less confident on the beach or in swimsuit this might be the right cosmetic procedure to restore your confidence and achieve your desired body image.

What to expect on your Brazilian Buttock Lift surgery consultation?

A properly performed BBL surgery gives a soft enhancement in appearance and volume. The results are subtle, with a natural-looking curve and a more pronounced shape. 

The choice of bum lift method is determined by your goals and personal anatomy. Your options will be 

discussed with Dr. Joffily at the time of your consultation. The end result is a firmer, fuller, aesthetically proportionate figure that allows the patient to feel happy about their shape and contour.

As usual, our goal is to make you happy with the results and answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Preferred approach to bum enlargement – Fat transfer to buttocks

Fat Grafting or fat transfer to buttocks gives a natural, subtle curve to the behind. It is achieved through combination of minimally-invasive liposuction and the transfer of fat cells to the bum.

It involves reshaping treatment around the saddlebags and lower back and transferring the fat back to the lower body – around your gluteus maximus muscle. Fat is initially extracted through either VASER or Micro Liposuction from a patient’s chosen area. Common examples are the flanks, abdomen or thighs.

This autologous fat – harvested with the help of a small cannula – is then carefully processed and refined in a sterile device to protect the fat cells. This maximizes their chances of survival before they are refined and injected into the buttocks.

Since the cells used to enhance the volume of your bum are your own, this surgical contouring method greatly reduces the chance of complications. It is important to know that some percentage of the injected fat will disappear. The exact amount varies from person to person.

What to expect after the surgery?

A small waterproof dressing will be applied to the surgical site on your buttocks, which you will need to wear for a few days after the procedure. Dr. Joffily will prescribe a course of antibiotics to help reduce the chances of infection. He will also advise on how to return to your normal daily activities depending on your 

individual circumstances. Your surgeon will be there to ensure you are comfortable and happy during recovery.

The final results are normally seen in 6-8 weeks, although this may vary from patient to patient.

Benefits of Brazilian buttock lift

There are very good reasons behind the popularity of Brazilian butt lifts. Some of these include:

Since your own fat is used this has to be removed from other parts of the body. This can be a welcome benefit for many patients hence the preference of the fat grafting method.

More natural looking results compared to other enhancement methods such as lipoinjection fillers or gluteal implants. The potential risks are also lower.

The process is gentler than traditional methods such as gluteal-implant surgery and the recovery period is usually shorter as well.

The possible side effects

Any surgery can result in temporary side effects but these usually don’t last long. Speak to your surgeon of you experience any of the following: 

Swelling. This is a common reaction from the tissues to the surgical incision and fat injection. It will subside within weeks or a few months. If it lasts longer than 6 months speak to your doctor. 

Nausea or dizziness. Depending on the kind of anesthesia used during the procedure you may feel disoriented. Because of this, it is a good idea to have someone escort you home after your surgery.

Take the remainder of the day off and rest. 

Numbness. As the anesthesia wears off you will feel sensation returning to your nerves. This may take a while as some of the nerves need longer time to recover. Around the buttocks, the loss of sensation may last for months. 

Pain or soreness. Any surgery is a trauma to your body and a small amount of pain is expected after the procedure. Your doctor will prescribe painkillers for you and it should be gone in a few days.

Risks of Brazilian bum lift procedures

Typically, Brazilian buttock lifts come with a lower risk than traditional bum enhancement methods such as gluteoplasty involving butt implants. With that said you should be aware of the following potential risks: 

Infection. The most common risk associated with any type of surgery. You will receive prescription medication to prevent this potential complication. If you experience excessive redness, fever or any type of drainage from the surgical area contact your doctor immediately. 

Fat reabsorption. Some of the fat injected during your far transfer to buttocks procedure may be reabsorbed into your body. This is to some extent expected and it’s not dangerous for your health. It is only a “risk” to your 

desired results. An experienced surgeon will help you with instructions on how to minimize this effect. 

Bleeding. Due to problematic healing or certain medications, you may experience excessive bleeding. This can be caused by too vigorous activity as well. You can minimize the chance of it with proper rest and by following the doctor’s instructions. 

Scarring. One of the benefits of Brazilian butt lift procedures over traditional methods is the size of the remaining scars. They are considerably smaller and they will fade over time. However, you can expect small scars to remain just as after any type of surgery.

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