Body Contouring Creams

Do they really work?

Why should I use them? How do I use them? Is there really anything special about them? These are the most frequent questions that women ask when they are talking about body contouring cream. They might seem like a magical solution, but, more than a miraculous lotion, it is a treatment that implies commitment and perseverance to obtain results.

Although there are several modern body shaping cosmetic procedures available, body shaping creams can be great allies in those areas where diet and exercise are not enough to achieve a toned skin. Best of all, there are currently many cosmetic creams that can be used. If you want to know how they work, what are the benefits and what are the best creams on the market continue reading this article.

What are these contouring creams made of?

Body sculpting creams are creamy or gel-like compounds that are recommended to be applied in areas where the skin cells accumulate high proportions of fat, making it difficult to eliminate them, such as the abdomen, hips, and upper thighs.

Although these creams have a lot of beneficial properties for our skin, it is important to clarify that they are not miraculous cosmetics, it is simply a complementary aid that together with exercises and a healthy diet will help your skin and body look better.

If we use them correctly, body contouring creams can become our best allies; the nutrients they provide penetrate the skin of the desired area, boost the skin’s collagen content, and helps promote cell turnover.

5 Benefits of body shaping creams

Slimming creams are an excellent option that should not be ignored, especially when we are trying to get in shape and proudly show the results. Its constant use provides a lot of benefits.

• Reduces cellulite, especially in those hard areas such as the hips, arms, and abdomen, where exercise is not enough.• It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.• Improves the blood circulation, when giving a massage on the area the circulatory process is activated and the blood flows improve through the body.• Helps you have a firm skin and it gives you elasticity, which is very important when we are losing weight due to diet or exercise, our skin needs to be very elastic.• They also improve the condition of our skin, because its nutrients hydrate the most superficial layers and improve circulation, so you will feel your skin softer and it will look brighter.

Disadvantages of body contouring creams

There are some complaints about this kind of creams, these complaints are due to ignorance or because the cream is being used as a sole treatment to lose weight and not as a complement to tone the figure. If you don’t want to be disappointed and want to be aware of the reality in the results after using these creams, keep in mind that:

• The effectiveness of these creams disappears when its use is not accompanied by an exercise routine and healthy eating.• To work in the elimination of cellulite is necessary to perform daily exercises and consume enough water.• It is a treatment that requires perseverance and must be applied for months to notice the results.• They can cause allergies in some skin types, so it should be applied first in a small area before using it regularly.

Can these creams be used during pregnancy?

If you are pregnant it is recommended not to use this type of cream, some of its components can cause unwanted effects, as is the case of caffeine. Although it is a very beneficial property to reduce the accumulation of fat, the mother’s skin can absorb the caffeine, penetrate the bloodstream, and reach the baby.

Remember that caffeine is a stimulant and this can negatively affect the growth of the baby. However, you can consult your doctor to certify which other components are harmful or if the specific cream you are using its safe.

How to apply these creams?

To maximize the benefits of the creams we need to know how to apply them. It is best to apply it just before exercise, that way it can burn fat much faster.

• Massage the area in a circular way: This consists of making circular movements in the areas to be treated, sliding your hands from the abdomen to the hips. The massage should be repeated twice a day (morning and night) between 30 or 60 seconds.• Apply massage in the form of 8: For this massage, you should lie on your back and apply the cream in the abdominal area drawing with your hands a shape of 8 and repeat it several times. Remember to use this technique on both sides.• Knead the area: It consists of kneading with both hands as if it were bread dough or pizza dough, do it on the area you expect to be reduced, this way its effect will intensify.

If you can achieve your desired body shaping with the help of these creams they are a great option. For a more robust and fast slimming option check out our Vaser lipo procedure here.