Best London museums with kids

When thinking about entertainment for your kids while visiting London, you might find yourself to be in a pickle. While you definitely want it to be entertaining, it would come as a bonus if it would be educational as well. Hence, you would find your options to be slightly limited.

However, you have absolutely nothing to worry about since we have gotten this sorted out for you. Read below to find out some of the best kids’ educational programs that you would be able to find in London.

• Bank of England Museum

During the course of childhood, children are under the impression that money tends to grow on trees. If they would want something in life, all they would have to do is ask their parents. The parents would shake the money tree and they would be able to get what they wanted. However, the real world does not seem to work like that. This would also be something that we would be quite aware of.

It would be for this reason that it would seem like a good idea to train your children from an early age. This is something that you would be able to do thanks to the Bank of England Museum. In addition to seeing and even lifting gold bars from ancient times, they would also be able to hear unexpected tales about the ghostly nun of the Bank. So, in addition to being highly entertaining, it would be quite educational as well.

• The British Museum

Considering the fact that the British Museum has been termed one of the largest collectors of historic items and artifacts, you would not want your children to miss out on this. Other than that, you would also be able to entertain kids at the Digital Discovery Centre. You would also be able to find free events for kids of all ages.

• The Geffrye, Museum of the Home

If you would like your kids to take a walk through time, this museum would seem like the perfect place to do so. This is because they would be able to explore the history of English interiors that would seem to decorate the herb garden and the entire museum. To get some bonus, you would also be able to get an audio tour guide. But that would come at an additional charge.

• London Transport Museum

The London underground rail system has been found to be one of the most popular in the world. This is because when the topic of London is being discussed, you would be able to find a lot of people to associate the city with its train system. So, why should you not familiarize your kids with this as well?

Here, you would find it to host exhibitions that would connect the history of London with its transport system. With more than eighty vehicles, amongst which would be the first Tube train and the famous red London bus, you would be overwhelmed with what it has to offer.