BBL Recovery

BBL surgery – also known as Brazilian Butt Lift – is a type of surgical procedure in which a person’s fat is transferred to the buttocks to enhance its shape and size. It gives a natural looking shape which is why it is often requested by most people especially women. Due to its popularity, it is now on the list of the top ten surgical procedures that are performed in beauty clinics. Many prospecting patients are still worried about recovery after the procedure so these tips may help to answer some of the questions about the topic.

Recovery Tips

BBL surgery is considered to be an invasive procedure as it requires to be done surgically by clinical professionals. It takes a long time to heal and it is essential to know what to do and follow in order to recover properly. Here are some tips:

• Take the prescribed medications

As a result of surgery, there will be wounds, swelling and bruising present on the areas where fat is gathered and transferred. It is often accompanied by pain and soreness which is why painkillers, antibiotics, and other medications are given to relieve it, prevent infection and promote restoration. By following the prescription, you’ll be able to feel less pain and have faster healing.

• Avoid sitting

“DO NOT SIT!” will probably the three words your physician would tell you after your BBL surgery. Sitting in a big no as the procedure took place on the buttocks wherein wounds are still fresh and swollen. It is one of the most important tips to keep in mind. Patients are advised to sleep or rest lying on their sides or stomachs for at least eight weeks. This is to keep it in shape and have a lasting result. Putting a pillow behind the legs before sleeping can help as it raises the butt area slightly, therefore, avoiding pressure. It is also advised to still sit with a cushion and avoid prolong sitting after 8 weeks for safety.

• Wear compression garment

Compression garments which have a cut on the rear end will be put on the patient after surgery. This helps recovery in many ways such as preventing swollen tissues, alleviates discomfort and to contour the body into shape. It is recommended to use it for eight weeks to ensure that the area wherein fat is gathered will heal properly.

• Refrain strenuous activities

Do not do high impact activities and heavy exercises for at least a month. Light exercises such as walking after a week are encouraged to promote blood circulation and healing. Vigorous activities like jogging and running can usually be done after six to eight weeks depending on the body’s response to healing.

• Take your time

All wounds heal in time, always be patient especially when it comes to your body. Avoid rushing as it may lead to worse outcomes. Your body will be able to heal properly when it is not hurried to recover and is fully rested.

In conclusion, recovering from BBL is like any other procedures wherein it has many rules to follow. It is important to be guided in what to do so that you are prepared for the healing process. By following the precautions and advice of the surgeon, recovery will be safe and effective. Do research and take the time to heal. Always have patience as the body may take a while to fully come back in shape.